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15 December 2017

Decluttering my life with Mercari

So, as you all know, I am upping sticks and leaving London in search of warmer climes and new adventures. My new life begins in Sydney on Christmas Day and I could not be MORE excited about the next chapter. Booking a one-way ticket is so liberating, however, the aftermath of such a big decision is not. My life is one big admin task at the moment; from hardcore saving, job hunting and many leavings dos with loved ones, it's been a crazy couple of months, to say the least. 

Next up on the mammoth to-do list is clearing out my room - as a bonafide hoarder, I have clothes piled as high as the eye can see, which makes fitting all my favourite pieces into two suitcases a very daunting prospect indeed. I have, however, had to put a positive spin on this and embrace it head on so: it's time to declutter!


Enter, Mercari, an intelligent and simple marketplace app where you can list and sell items from fashion to beauty, in less than a minute. It was originally launched in Japan in 2013 so is fairly new to the UK, but with over 70 million downloads worldwide, it's certainly been a hit. It's been the perfect way to help clear out my wardrobe and make some extra dollar at the same time - all with minimal effort, may I add. 

First up, download the app. When you have created your personal profile and you're ready to sell, take a picture of the item, give a great description and press upload. It really is as easy as that. Some of the pieces of clothing I have previously shot for Instagram, so I used a photo of me wearing it alongside a single product shot to jazz up my listing. I kept the pieces I was selling to brands or good quality vintage and within minutes of creating my profile, I had already sold a pair of boots! 

If you're like me, in the market to declutter, then I can't recommend Mercari enough. A couple of side notes to remember: you must include the delivery charge in the final cost, and, there are no hidden fees once you have sold. Just be warned, there is a massive temptation to buy too. With so many other users selling some bits it's hard to resist a little shop!


Download the app and start selling HERE.



This post was sponsored by Mercari, who I can't thank enough for helping me declutter my overflowing wardrobe.

7 December 2017

December is all about day-to-night dressing

Shein just keep on producing the goods: on-trend and affordable they are such a great brand to turn to for a simple yet stylish fashion fix. Take this polka dot dress for example, with its classic wrap shape and long sleeves it’s a no-think look. The throw-on and go aspect is just what I need in my life right now, not to mention the versatility of it. Desk-to-dinner-to-drinks? Erm tick, tick, tick! 

It is Christmas after all and, come December, it's just a constant flurry of nights out, work events or family meals. So if I can spend less time thinking about what to wear and more time 'out, out' with loved ones and drinking prosecco, then just keep sending me in the direction of those do-it-all dresses.

Dress c/o - Shein / Boots - Zara / Jeans - Topshop / Jacket - Warehouse / Bag - La Redoute

Its first outing was to work; teamed with jeans and worn over a rollneck, it was a great daytime look. Next up is cocktails with the girls, so I'll lose the rollneck, whack on some red lippie and amp up the night time vibe with some heels. God I love the festive season.

Polka Dot dress, £13.61 - BUY HERE


26 November 2017

Massive life update: I am leaving the UK!

Big news alert: I am moving to Australia!!!

I know, right, told you it was big news. One of my best pals, my housemate, my partner in crime and business (we run Your Style Vaults together) has been wanting to go for the last 2 years, and for those 2 years has continued to drop sporadic ‘COME WITH ME’ comments. The thought of being in London without her sent shivers through my spine yet the thought of not being in London made me feel uneasy. I was comfortable; I love my little East London abode, I know the local area like the back of my hand (when sober) and have lots of friends and family here in the UK - yet I still felt the need to do something different?

Gabi (AKA the Aussie pusher and life go-getter) had a turbulent time getting a visa - she’s Polish so the application process is a little different and it took a while to get it secured. In that time many things changed for me; friends around me fell seriously ill, a very good friend of mine left London (Carmen I am looking at you BBZ – I am still not over it) my job spec changed and the routine I once loved became mundane.

Luckily for both Gabi and I, the time it took for her visa to come through was a blessing in disguise. It gave us another summer in London to make even more memories (ones we will never forget), have more fun adding to our dating portfolio, be there in a time of need for our good friend and housemate Lauren (watching her go from poorly to well again was one of those cherished memories, not to mention a blessing), persuade another good friend to join in on the adventure (Leigh, we’ve gone from Portsmouth to London to Sydney together baby!) and above all, we had time to make sure we were both ready for such a big move.

I was at my best friend’s wedding in April and ended up chewing the ear off of an old pal. I told him all about Australia, the possibility of going, people who I have met who have gone and loved it and the fact that Gabs wants to go. His parting words to me after the party were, ‘Abbie, the next time I see you, you better have booked your tickets to Oz’. And would you believe it, some 5 months later I bump into him on the underground (ON THE UNDERGROUND, I mean, it blows my mind when I see people I know on the tube) on the very same day that I got my visa accepted. If that’s not fate, then I don’t know what is. So, Dan, without even knowing it you pushed me in a super exciting direction and I still think about that day I bumped into you at Bank station!

We booked our flights (do you know how exhilarating it is to book a one-way ticket BTW) some 7 weeks ago and have been on lockdown ever since. It’s been a long 7 weeks of staying in; focusing on the gym, new Netflix series, selling our souls on eBay (turns out I was sleeping on a small fortune), job hunting and just generally getting excited about having a permanent tan.

So, with the most supportive family ever behind me, a new-found attitude to the word YOLO (seeing close friends and family poorly will do that to you) a one-way ticket to Sydney, plenty of pals down under already (some Aussie - Yolanda, we’re coming babes, some old school friends), and Gabi and Leigh by my side, I’m ready to embrace the next chapter. Who knows what it will hold, but one thing is for sure, ya’ll better get ready for some beach Insta spam.

22 November 2017

The do-it-all blazer I can't stop wearing

Matching your blazer to your hair accessories is a thing, no? Well, it was for me last Sunday. I kind of wished I gone for a red jumper too, but that's another outfit for another time.  

This bargain blazer from Shein is a permanent fixture in my new season wardrobe, it mixes so perfectly with everything - whether it's a pleated midi, my go-to jeans or luxe joggers, it's on one big sartorial rotation. Not only is it the do-it-all piece I cannot stop wearing, it's also in the colour of the season - the ticks just keep on coming! 

Have you embraced fashion's favourite colour this autumn/winter yet?

how to wear a red blazer

how to wear a red blazer

how to wear a red blazer

how to wear a red blazer

how to wear a red blazer

how to wear a red blazer

Blazer c/o - Shein / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - Converse / Earings - Rokit / Jumper - New Look


19 November 2017

A weekend well spent brings a week of content

I am looking for several pats on the back here because - and wait for it - this weekend marks the 6th weekend on the trot that I have stayed in. Yes, you heard right, 6 weekends without going 'out', let alone 'out, out'.  I am on a big saving mission and so far, so good. It's boring as hell, this no going-out malarky but, it will be worth it. I spy good things on the horizon.

So, Sundays of late have been spent hangover-free with my head in my favourite supplements, drinking coffee and walking around my local East London haunts. Add in a couple of naps, gossip-fuelled sofa chills with my housemates and plenty of chocolate and you've got the recipe for a perfect lazy Sunday, right there.

glasses direct

Get a load of my new specs too, sadly my eyes are deteriorating and a new set of glasses were needed. MEH. Age is a wonderful thing, eh. More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses in the UK and I never thought I would become to rely on mine so much.  

If you're on spectacle hunt but the budge is tight then get your arse over to Glasses Direct. They offer a great choice of frames, some seriously slashed prices and a super slick way to purchase. After using their home trial service I whizzed my prescription over to them and they very kindly sent me the Festival glasses by Scout. This new pink and tortoise addition to my daily attire has banished the headaches, been a lifesaver when eying up the overground times and not to mention, a thankful upgrade to my old specs, which quite frankly, were awful. Big thanks to Glasses Direct for keeping my sight AND style in check!

glasses direct

glasses direct

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