We all have that special item of clothing that we just can't live without and will never throw away I certainly do, a grey pair of tracksuit bottoms to be precise.  
So old they are pretty much see thru, nevertheless they will remain in my wardrobe even if I don't ever wear them out the house.  

Just so you know where this post is going RARE London got in contact and asked me to get involved in their latest competition 'Clothes I simply can't live without' quite self explanatory really, just a great insight to find out what your favourite clothes are and why and also a fab chance to win £200 worth of Rare vouchers.  If I was lucky enough to win I would head straight over to their co-ord section that's for sure!

As I have already confessed to keeping my rather shabby track suit bottoms and because a picture of me in them would probably make you point and laugh I thought I would tell you the other classic key pieces in my wardrobe that I just can't live without and which are slightly more acceptable. 

My top 5 picks are...

What are the favourite items in your wardrobe that you just can't live without?   

Part of the competition is to nominate 3 fellow bloggers to enter to so Style Crescentthegoodowl and Hola Bambi what would your wardrobe essentials be!



  1. I have an item like that- a 13 year old band tee. I'm not even sure it still fits but I can't throw it out

  2. Love the shoes! Xx


  3. I need a pair of new balance sneakers.. Perfect outfit xx


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