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As I am currently living in Sydney and lucky enough to have so many beautiful views on my doorstep, it would be mad not to document some of my adventures along the way. So welcome to another instalment of the ‘The Sydney Diaries’, from gorgeous beaches to new wellness saunas, I began capturing my Sydney experiences and highlighting my favourites on the blog. Not only is it content I enjoy photographing and writing about, it will become a lovely memory bank to look back on in years to come.

 Next up in this series is another coastal walk. I now live in Maroubra in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and love it, it’s exactly what I had in mind when I moved to Sydney; live on the beach and escape the rat race. London is always home and I’ll be back to its chaotic wonderfulness soon but until then, beachside living and a chilled mindset is pure bliss. My Boyfriend feels the same too and at the age of 32 we’re loving the slower pace of life for a bit. Who would have thought it hey, is this thirty-something year old all partied out? No, no, I still have plenty of party pants in my drawer, don’t panic! All it means is that I have met someone I don’t mind standing still with and to be able to do that on the beach, in a more chilled out city, is something to be truly cherished.

 So, myself and my slower-pace-of-life partner in crime have begun exploring our new hood and recently enjoyed the beautiful Maroubra to Gordon’s Bay coastal walk. Brace yourself: a couple of backpack wankers coming right up! We ambled along the coast admiring stunning properties and playing the ‘which one would you buy if you won the lottery’ game as well as keeping our beady eyes peeled for glimpses of whales, and of course, stopping for various photo opps along the way. Gordon’s Bay is a secluded oasis and is the perfect spot for snorkelling. It’s a pocket-size beach and makes a very cute pit-stop for a picnic on the rocks and a toe-dip in its tranquil waters.

 I enjoy long, hang-over free weekend walks, I think I am officially what they call a grown-up…

Clashing prints can be a tricky trend to master and its taken me years of outfit combinations to work out what I like together and what I don't. It really is a sartorial game of trial and error. In my wardrobe, there are some clash no-brainers: stripes pair perfectly with leopard print, look cute with florals and can be edged up with camo, all while requiring minimal thought. I love a stripe and polka dot mix too, but for it to look chic you need to play with the scale, keep your stripes slim and your polka dots large, or visa versa. A fabulous pattern mix is playful and can add an injection of fun to your outfits and if you're in the mood to stand out, then styling your animal print midi skirt with your favourite Breton tee and a splash of red lippie is the way to do it. 

This outfit is a combination of it all: camo print, polka dots and an aztec-esque pattern in the form of a 90s wrap skirt. I love it. Modernised with my chunky biker boots and an of-the-moment baker boy cap, it's colour and print all rolled into one look. Of course, with a vintage  feel too. Both the jacket and the skirt were bought in charity shops back in the UK and have become permanent favourites in my wardrobe. 

What are your favourite print clashes?

My favourite print at the moment has to be polka dots so when I am on my charity shop raids, I'll always head straight for those classic dots.  


It might be winter here in Sydney but the weekend adventures are still continuing. When it doesn't rain (yes, it does rain in Oz!), you'll still find that winter here - although cold - is still crisp, sunny and bright, offering up plenty of chances to get out and explore. I'm keen to spend my weekends taking in the Sydney sights while I am here, so headed out to The Blue Mountains (just 90 minutes from the city by car) to tick them off my must-see list. They. Are. Breathtaking.

The girls and I headed off on our day trip armed with jam sandwiches ready to get our hike on, obvs the sandwiches were devoured 5 minutes into the journey, thankfully there was a cafe serving up warm pies just on the edge of the The Three Sisters viewpoint carpark. Fuelled with carbs we were ready to walk and explore, sadly for us though, the weather was wild. The wind was literally nuts, blowing a gale was a bloody understatement, so annoyingly the mental 20 km hike we had planned was a lot less tame. The wind might have absolutely ruined our selfies but it did not ruin the views. 

With many bush walks, caves and other scenic lookouts to explore, our next visit will include a lovely wood cabin, roaring fire and plenty of red wine, meaning we can spend the weekend exploring and if the wind decides to be cray cray, then we can shelter in style. Air b 'n' b, where you at!

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains

Image Credits L - R: @cristinasurdu / Style Du Monde / @_hollyt

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I bloody love shopping. But, with travel plans in the pipeline and a mega saving hat on, my current situ doesn't permit me to go too crazy on the purchasing front, which why I love my little space on the internet. This is where my crazed, shopping-addicted alter ego can mentally spend the pennies without experiencing any of the guilt. 

 This week I am craving to add to the midi skirt and T-shirt element of my wardrobe. This combination is a fail-safe; it works for day, night, work or weekend and, looks damn cool. The looseness of the skirt offers comfort while a cool t-shirt (go for a slogan, your favourite band logo or an oversized skater type tee) adds a fun element. Finish off the look with fresh white kicks, a biker-style leather jacket and cross-body bag and you're sartorially winning at life in my books. If you're feeling a little fancier and looking to add a touch of night-time to this look then throw on a pair of heeled ankle boots and a statement pair of earrings to instantly dress it up.

Oh, HI! It's me! Long time since a proper outfit post, right? Since the big move to Sydney my wardrobe has definitely decreased. It had to. The luggage allowance was only two suitcases at 24 kg each and let me tell you, it's quite amazing what you can fit into two cases and one carry on. 

As a professional clothes hoarder, obsessive thrift shopper and high-street lover in general, I had A LOT of clothes - I made a sweet buck on ebay and my local charity shop had a ball before I left. Living out of two suitcases for the last half a year has actually been so refreshing, I have found myself re-wearing pieces (something I rarely did) and finding new ways to style them. It made me realise that I didn't need all those clothes, I loved them and wanted them, but I didn't need them. I also was in lifestyle limbo: job hunting, house hunting, sponsorship searching. I didn't feel settled, wasn't flush with a wad of cash and certainly wasn't in the market to shop and fill a house or wardrobe with beautiful things. 

Fast forward some 6 months and I am finally settled - I had moved to the other side of the world and underestimated how long things take to adjust. My new-found calmness and sense of security is all thanks to having a plan. It might be plan B, but it's a plan, and one I am very, very excited about. My time down under has seen me bag a fella (I KNOW!), a blast from the past (well, a London-based swipe right some year and a half ago) with whom I am very much blasting into the future with too. This makes me happier than anything. Ever. It's great. Feels great. Is great. That's as soppy as you're going to see me guys, back to the fashion and life stuff.

OK, so I bagged the boy but I didn't bag the sponsorship, laws changed and things got hard, but it was fine, it was SO meant to happen. My current visa allows me to live it up Sydney-side for one year and to only work for one employer for 6 months. I actually think this is great as it's allowing me to gain as much as I can skill-wise while I am here. My first 6 months with a fab PR agency are up and I am lucky enough to spend my last 6 months working for the mega iconic Aussie brand, Seafolly. 

So plan B is in full swing; the new job is days away, I have just moved to the beach with the BF and we are saving as hard as we can for some very fun future plans. I'll keep you posted on those but all I can say is it's onward and upwards from here on out. Now my life feels in order it's time to turn my attention to what gives me the creative joy I need to be me. My wardrobe, my blog, my writing, my obsessive outfit planning - all the little passions that I crave and enjoy. It's good to do what you love, whether it's your day job, your side hustle or just using your weekend to do you.  

There is a point here and I think it is this: I don't need all the clothes I always thought I did, my mood and surroundings affect my style and having plans make me feel positive and like I have a purpose again. It feels good. My life to-do list is back on track and I've re-kindled my long-lasting love affair with fashion, personal style and social media. Here's to the next 6 months.

How to wear double denim

How to wear double denim


How to wear double denim

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