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19 August 2013

The Lost Shirt...

I am obsessed with shirts you would not believe how many I have, so much so this little gem  got lost in my wardrobe and I have not worn it since I bought it!  I hate doing that. 
I sort of feel like either a sailor or a chef I am not to sure which, I am hoping pairing it with cycling shorts (loving these at the moment) detracts from any fancy dress look...

Shirt - Charity Shop / Cycling Shorts - DIY / Boots - Linzi Shoes / Sunglasses - ASOS
I have been playing around with the colour filters in Photo shop hence the blue haze!  What do you think of the lost shirt being styled with the cycling shorts?
Anyway I had such a good weekend I am hating the fact that it's Monday again.  I am sure this shocks none of you as I am well aware all I do is moan about the weekend being over! 
Another topic that I'll pre - warn you about is my birthday, yep it's next Month and I will be 27.  Fuck.  I feel old. 
This means to cope I will probably have to just be drunk the whole of September.  Fine.


  1. Love your style!
    Great shirt.
    My clothes always disappear into my wardrobe

  2. Such a chic look! I'm already 27 so I feel your pain haha. <3


  3. You look stunning, I love this simplicity! Gorgeous sunglasses xo

  4. I like your outfits :) Shirt is very oryginal :)

  5. I'm loving these vintagesque items
    S xx


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