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22 September 2014

Monday Musing

Girls, help, I am having a style crisis.  Since moving to London it has opened my eyes to the ridiculous amount of clothes that I own and don't wear.  This is not only a total waste of money its taking up space in my lovely room.  Rather than a tranquil space to unwind after a days work it's more a walk in wardrobe with a bed.  I feel totally cluttered and have come to the conclusion that a serious sort out, de-clutter session and style evaluation is needed.  Gone are the days of buying something because it was a few quid, the future will see me making wise outfit shopping decisions purchasing solid staples that albeit might come with a higher price tag but will last and ooze a bit more class.  

I also think age is another factor to this style mid life crisis type feeling that I am having as Tuesday brings my 28th birthday. Yes 28.  I honestly thought I would be married with 4 kids by this age, rather thankfully I am not.  Although one day that would be a dream I'm not quite ready for all that just yet, I mean that's pretty hard to do when your still flying the single flag eh ;-)  Getting back to my age, I feel hitting 28 should bring a small style update in the form of more stylish classic pieces, less flesh flashing numbers (yes gone are the days of the mini body con dress, mainly because my diet plan seems to have gone AWOL) and savvy shopping tactics.  Here is some style inspiration, accessory wise I can't completely ditch the gold as it's sort of in my DNA but I have picked out some of my fave looks that could fit in with the wardrobe update...

All images from Pinterest

Wish me luck on the savvy shopping front, it's going to be hard considering I LOVE a bargain.  But seriously I really don't need any more vintage shirts.




  1. Ah I think we're all feeling like this way too soon!
    I'm going for the sell it all and buy useful things:)
    S xx

  2. Ooohhh....Happy Birthday for tomoz :)))
    Totally feelin' your pain on the needing to de-clutter (and on the being single) front!!!

    It'd be soooo nice to have a zen bedroom....mine is a work in progress!!
    I'm deffo like you- quantity over quality- it's a hard habit to break!!!

    PS Nice pics :)

  3. I turned 28 last tuesday and I too thought I would be married with the kids etc etc. I am fully single lol and like you can't imagine being where I thought i would be! Don't stress! the floordrobe is a natural thing lol but every once in a while it serves as a reminder of our over spending and hoarding! throw out/donate what you don't think you will ever wear and then wear what you do have and maybe invest in statement pieces you can add to your existing wardrobe. Good luck and happy birthday in advance!! xxx

  4. a while back i literally went through my entire closet and donated everything i wasn't wearing, and nowadays i only shop things i will wear for sure but i'm still hitting the primark front on a regular basis. its just a must for me haha. i think either donating or selling on vinted it the best way to deal with old clothes.


  5. I'm exactly the same with my wardrobe, I have so many clothes I don't wear but can't bear to part with! Hope you have a fab birthday!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  6. Aww happy birthday!



  7. Happy birthday!
    Good luck for your de-clutter :)

    Style With Veni Blog

  8. Wonderful collage, love all these outfits! Hope you have a great birthday lovely! :)



  9. this is the SAME problem I am having!! clothes filled in the closets and drawers with nothin to wear! At least you have an amazing collage that will help guide you, great style !


  10. Happy birthday!! 28 is still really young, and you look amazing!! Love your blog - I'm following you on Twitter, pinterest, bloglovin & GFC :)

    New post out today on breakfast burritos and Virginia vacations!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  11. I feel the same in that I have so many clothes I no longer wear - I'm in the middle of a style reform too x

  12. gorgeous outfit inspirations! love it dear <3

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints




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