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9 October 2014


Hello you lovely lot, hope you are all having a  good week?  I wanted to have a little chat about the fabulous brand Superga.
When I was young (like school young) I imagined that by the time I was 28 I would wear heels every day, you know like a proper grown up.  However heels are a still rarity, they are a treat on a night out, or when I want to make my legs feel less dumpy, and even then I’ll only go for a stacked heel shoe boot.
Flat boots and trainers are my go to shoe, if we are getting into specifics then I’ll always have a longstanding love with a good Converse High-top or a Classic White Superga plimsole.  
This being the case, you can imagine my happiness when I saw that the Beautiful Suki Waterhouse (who is a complete goddess, only 22 years old, bagged Bradly and has great hair…! pfffft) has teamed up for her first designer experience with Superga.  Oh happy days!  In Spitalfields Market near my work there is a new Superga store, I naturally found myself in there one lunch break and noticed the advertising for the new collection which a) made me debate cutting a fringe and b) persuaded myself that yes I do need another pair of trainers.  I was all over the flatform styles,  I don’t actually own any flat form trainers and I do need the extra couple of inches to elongate my legs, so really it’s an essential addition to the wardrobe, no?  The green also caught my eye, in the shop I wouldn't haven’t looked twice at the colour but styled so simply with all black in the advert I was completely sold. 

Which are your favourite Superga’s from Suki’s new designs?




  1. these outfits are amazing! i love that coat!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. Suki Waterhouse is just gorgeous, and this collection looks so nice! Thanks for sharing! x
    Holly x

  3. i have to say i love how monochrome it is. my entire closet is black and white.

  4. Brilliant shots of Suki.

    Shanika -

  5. I like the silver the best :)
    Although the green is kinda fresh and different...deffo looks ledge in the pics!

  6. I love them all, so hard just to choose one!


  7. These photos are awesome, I love the styling! Definitely want a pair of the flatforms
    Tiana x


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