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23 November 2014

Grey Days

Right kids, I have got another charity shop extravaganza to show you all and it comes in the form of this grey wrap round jacket.  I feel like I was born to be a thrift shopper, I swear the bargains hunt me out because this was a complete steal at £15.  
The length, belt detail and colour could not be more now, it always gives me such a buzz to be on trend at a fraction of the price.  

This weekend has bought my first Liberty experience, I have always wanted to visit this famous department store and it certainly did not disappoint.  I ooohhh'ed and ahhhh'ed at some of the unique jewellery pieces and niche make up brands, some of which I have never heard of before.  I spritzed away in the perfume floor spraying fragrances that I have definitely not seen in the likes of boots, my new grey coat now smells completely divine with a luxurious mixture of citrus and patchouli. I bought a couple of special presents for some friends and family and can say that I am now officially in the festive spirit after visiting their Christmas shop.  
I can safely say that Liberty is definitely my new favourite store.

Coat - Charity Shop / Jeans - River Island / Bag - Vintage

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, wishing you all a good week ahead and of course roll on next weekend!




  1. You NEED to take me to these charity shops where you find these incredible pieces!! That coat is GORGEOUS!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. Love this coat! You look super stunning!


  3. Deffo another amaze find!!
    And Liberty is sick innit?? :))

  4. This coat is gorgeous
    S xx

  5. Great grey coat!

    Shanika -

  6. waahhh why can't I find things like this in charity shops! x

  7. Great photos! You look awesome, love the coat x

    ordaining serendipity

  8. love this!! I need a grey coat myself ASAP! Great post!


  9. VERY jealous of your coat!!


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