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28 January 2015

Wednesday Wants - Stripes

This post comes to you from a very frantic Abbie the reason being is that I stupidly dyed my hair blonde at home, how many times do I have to go through this.  I know its never a good idea yet I do it anyway and then lo and behold I end up sporting a rather sexy orange barnet and staying up late praying that toner is the answer. Who knows what it's going to look like in my next outfit post, I'll warn you now, sunglasses maybe be needed for viewing purposes. 

The only sensible thing that has happened regarding my hair is that I did treat myself to a rather fab cut by Toni & Guy, a whole 6 inches off, I feel quite grown up actually, oh except for the fact that I have orange hair. 

 Anyway, I have tried to cast aside my hair woes and look forward to the new season, my fixation begins with one of the prints of the season, stripes.  I swear, never throw away stripes. This must be every fashionistas rule because come Spring/Summer there they are again, all be it there's a new way of clashing them, a new colour palette or be them narrow or wide they are always there.  Spring is forever rocking some sort of nautical vibe. 

 I wanted my Weekly wishlist to be based around this classic print so I have scoured the Internet for some of my favourite takes on stripes and have found that the likes of EspritRiver Island and Karen Millen have outfits for all occasions in all stripe shapes and sizes...



  1. Love all of these picks hun - especially the stripe cardigan! xx


  2. Amazing finds. Especially love the cardigan and trews x

  3. You have my hair sympathies...mine is naturally orange so I'm feeling your pain!!!
    Cray for all of these picks...espesh the trews :)

  4. The collage is so dreamy... lvoe that high necked top!

    I would love it if you could check out my blog, now based in Shanghai!
    Piece by Piece Style

  5. SO into those striped pants! x


  6. lovely post!






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