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12 January 2015

Monday Musings - Head Scarfs

So the other day I was shopping in Office on the hunt for some sale Vagabonds when in walked the coolest East London gal I have ever seen, typical Shoreditch cool - you know the type.  The main reason I got all stalker on her was because she was rocking one of my fave accessories, a hair turban, I have a ready made turban which I wore to LFW a couple of years back but it's not the 'do it yourself' scarf version like this babe was sporting. 

 Street style is one of the best things about living in London and working just off Brick Lane, the streets round that neck of the woods are brimming with stylish people, the minute I hop on the tube, step into the office or nip to Spitalfields on lunch I am soaking up outfit inspo.  

So, back to the mega cool turban girl, she was also rocking a pair of ghetto gold hoops a signature Fashion Tatt jewelry staple, in my eyes this girl was god and thanks to her got me thinking about wearing what you love and embracing it whether it be a trend or not.  

Thanks for inspo cool girl I hope to see you about the streets of Shoreditch sometime soon, 
love from a weird, head scarf obsessed fashion victim xxx

All images taken from Pinterest



  1. Totally relate on the fashion stalking once you see someone looking amazing:') Really like the whole hair turban vibe, especially on Vanessa <3

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

  2. I love these headscarfs, although I have to admit that I can never make them look quite right on my head, but this has given me some much needed inspiration!

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

  3. I'm crayyyy for a turban scarf and a gangsta earring combo too!!
    Nice pics :))

  4. London is great for style spotting, especially in the tube!

    Shanika | shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Love love love head scarfs, they give such a cool edge to an outfit!


  6. I do love a good headscarf! I wish I wore them more really, they always seem to look much cooler on other people though hah x

  7. Love headscarfs, they are too cool!

  8. Haha, love your little story that drove you to make this post. I'm obsessed with the headscarf look! I need to invest, it's just so cool


  9. <33333 really nice post!

  10. inspiring pics *-*


  11. i'm a huge fan of headscarfs, just wish i could pull one off!! love the inspo :)

    Rachel // Style Soup

  12. See, these ladies look so pretty and sophisticated, I wouldn't. Makes me so sad.

    Em x


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