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1 March 2015

Turb Life

Hello Hello lovely people, how was all your weekends?  Filled with good times, good food and good people I hope?  I haven't done much this weekend as I am still on the mend from the dreaded ear infection that I have been banging on about this last week (soz I always kick the arse of out being ill and making sure everyone knows!) 

I did bravely venture out with my girls yesterday all the way up town to Chelsea where we gossiped over brunch at the Bluebird, enjoyed tea and cake at Muriels Kitchen and snapped blog pics next to a lovely set of coloured houses.  The turban was a highlight of the day covering a multitude of sins, mainly greasy hair and protecting my cotton wall stuffed sore ear and I spent most the day saying 'huh' and 'whats that', sorry girls!

My look yesterday saw me wearing a mostly head to toe thrifted outfit - I found the Zara leather jacket hanging practically brand new in a London charity shop for £17 and although I have a leather jacket I obvs had to have this one.  Zara coat, brand new, £17, errrrrr YES!!

 The jeans were £1 from a Dalston chazza shop and the black shirt was another coupla quid barg from a chazza shop back in Southampton.  

What do you think, are you a turb lover and a keen bargain hunter like me?

Coat, shirt & Jeans - Charity Shop / Scarf & Bag - Primark / Trainers - Adidas Superstars




  1. I love going to Chelsa and the Bluebird is fab! Your leather jacket is gorgeous Xx


  3. YES MATE!! Love that you called it 'Turb Life' - hahaha dying!! Such a lovely day... can't wait till our next one xxx

  4. This post cracked me up so much! You legend!
    Turb Life, You Better Turb Bitch!

    You're a mega babe x

  5. Haha I love the turb! Can't believe you found that jacket in a charidee shop, what a find. Hope you feel better soon, I have an ear infection too and it sucks! x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Loving the turban! And yes I'm totally thrifty, just had a carboot haul I might have to get up on the blog!

    Shanika ~

  7. Please take me charity shop shopping!!!!!!! x

  8. I love your biker jacket Abbie! Very cool backpack too!

  9. I am definitely a bargain hunter, but turbans never looked good on me! You pulled id off, though! Your photos are super cool and inspiring! Get well soon :)

    - kristine b

  10. Really loving the turban look. Definitely a keeper! x


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