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12 April 2015

Lifestyle: London life

So I thought this post was about due as 8 months ago I moved to London and can honestly say it was the best move and decision I have ever made.  London is everything everyone says it is, fast paced, hectic, smelly, loud, expensive...   

I spend every morning and every night under the arm pit of some hairy man (sadly, never a hot man).  Once the suffocating commute is done I am rushing down the street tutting at the slow walkers as I make my way to work.  I am 40 minutes early, but yes I am still rushing, because in London everyone rushes.  Once the rushing is done I get into work, do what I need to do before breaking the daily slog up with trip out for lunch.  
Usually spending money in Pret, Itsu or at a new smoothie place it's then back to to the office until 6pm.  The rushing and commuting takes place again and its home to my lovely housemates, I'll eat, blog and then finally go to bed, absolutely exhausted.  Then repeat.


Everyday I see something new whether its a cool piece of wall-art or amazing street style inspo.

I've tried foods I would never have even touched before (no joke I now eat avocado, quinoa and Buckwheat).

I have made new friends who have now become very good friends (and excellent boozing buddies)

The monthly oyster card ticket - with this card all travel at the weekend is basically free (it's not but it feels like it is).

I can officially say I work in fashion.

There is always something to do.

There are the coolest vintage shops, hidden car-boots and vintage market stalls ever in London.

My local pub shuts at 2am every Friday and Saturday night and its a proper good East End London boozer, oh and it's award winning to!

There are better places to take blog pics, better roads, houses, graffiti, walls whatever back drop you fancy London's got it.

I can finally go to Blog events with minimal drama and no expensive train ticket.

It's cultural and interesting and forces you to learn about people and things you would never have needed to before.

I regularly meet people with the same interests as me... blogging, shopping, photography, drinking *ahem*

Anyway the list could go on trust me, but I just wanted to jot a couple of notes down about our wonderful capital and my experience of moving to it.  If your thinking of moving here then do it, don't wait, do it.  I waited until I was 28 and my only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Pub grub at the local - The Red Lion

One of many pop up food places in Shoreditch


Pret Life

Carnaby Street at Christmas

Victoria Park in Bethnal Green

Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane

(All images taken by myself)



  1. Love this post! I'm desperate to move down to London, am on the job hunt at the moment! xx


  2. Love this post! You deffo make London sound tempting - especially all the blogging backgrounds!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  3. ahhh stop..you make me want to leave Manchester and move :) Love the pics x

  4. Beautiful pictures! I'm difinatley thinking about living in London but I'm worried the weather is always rainy!
    -Kaja xx

  5. So glad you're loving London! I grew up there but moved a couple of years ago, wish I was there still now I'm old enough to appreciate all it has to offer x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Love your photos! Did you take them yourself?
    Totally agree, London is so worth all the stereotypical downfalls!


  7. Great post!!! I love London and I get to go three or four times a year, usually on working trips or coolhunting, but that said I always get the chance to see friends and generally have a great time. I did think about moving to London for a while but I'm not sure I actually want to give up living in the south of Spain though. Great weather, great lifestyle, great people..... and I also have the advantage of travelling so much with my job. Thanks so much for your visit and comment hun. xoxoxo

  8. Oh very interesting post, the pics are beautiful
    Now I´m following you in GFC #663 and bloglovin´#407
    I hope your follow me back in both



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