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16 April 2015

She popped the Question!

Hello lovely people, obvious opening question  - Are you all enjoying the SUN!!! 
 London has come alive this past week and I for one am certainly revelling in this glorious weather, I even walked a bit of the way to work last night and this morning!  The kick I have in my step today is not just down to the weather but also down to the fact that last night my best friend of 17 years asked me to be her CHIEF BRIDESMAID!  I was in complete shock as her and her fiancĂ© drove up to London to surprise me and pop the question, now that’s pure friendship in my eyes and I was totally honoured.  Roll on 2017!
 Now I have shared my happy news I also thought I would share Tuesday outfit, god love the light evenings as I can now snap my work looks!  Skirts, brogues and slogan Tee’s are the focus of this look actually, this whole week has been a mix up of skirts with various different shoe styles.  I’s waaaaay too hot for trousers on the dreaded central line tube!
 What have you guys been wearing now the suns out, I need to start updating my Summer wardrobe so let me know your favourite Summer pieces!

work wear

work wear

leopard print brogues
work wear fashion

work wear fashion

Shoes c/o - Deichmann Shoes / Skirt - F&F / Top - H&M / Leather Jacket - H&M

Keep enjoying the sun!  See you in my next post.




  1. that is such a cute little story!!! bless them for coming to visit you to ask!!! you are looking SO fab here, I loveeee those shoes!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. Gorge pics Ab!!
    And congrats to your friend (and to you!!)

  3. bless you! congrats on their engagement and being chief bridesmaid are you a Monica from friends when it comes to organising? lol! loving the skirt and your brogues! x

  4. awww thats so lovely - I bet you can't wait.

    Speaking of can't wait, I'm seeing you on the 1st YAYYYYYYYYY

    love the shoes gurrrrl

    A Forte For Fashion


  5. Congrats on being the bridesmaid! Lovely outfit!

    Made in Mauve // Giveaway

  6. Love your Jacket

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  7. nice :) happy monday :)



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