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13 May 2015

Blast from the past

Hello, my names Abbie and I have blogged 3 times this week. This is definitely an achievement and the result of being proactive and organised with my blog, I must admit it feels good to.

How has everyone’s week been?  I am on countdown as I start my new job next week so as you can imagine am mega excited to get cracking with a new challenge!  I will be keeping you posted with everything that’s happening on the work front, nice to have a few personal anecdotes from time to time isn’t it!
 I am struggling with London’s warmer but changeable weather of late, what the hell do I wear?  It’s too hot for jeans and then when I pop a skirt on gale force winds seem to appear from no where and all dignity is lost on the walk on to work!
 I love this H&M heavy outfit, sort of 70’s vibes but with my own personal 90’s twist - add a bomber jacket and gold hoops to the mix and hopefully it kind of works!  These mules are YEARS old to, no joke like back in the day old and I am pretty happy to find that they are similar to whats out in the shops at the moment. 
Moral of the story never throw things away.

70's style

70's style

70's style

70's style

tan mules

Skirt - H&M via a charity shop / Top - People Tree / Shoes - H&M / Bomber Jacket - H&M

See you in my next post!



  1. That skirt it's just perfect !

  2. Oh my god Abz that skirt is divine! Love how you've styled it with the striped tee and obvz an Abbie touch with the bomber! BRAVO BEBE BRAVO! x

  3. I love this look hun and congrats on the blogging stint - yay! <3 xx

  4. Nice:) xx
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  5. Ohhh good luck with the new job lovely! I am loving this outfit, the colour of the skirt is amaaazing!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  6. I love that skirt, it's such a nice colour! Good luck with the new job x

    Josie’s Journal

  7. Blogging consistently is so tough! You look so ace! I'm loving the yellow skirt <3

  8. looking beautiful in yellow! your skirt is darling!

  9. Being proactive is good! Especially well done for 3 times this week! Love the look :)

  10. Cant believe I missed this post! That skirt is amazing on you! I love the colour!!! - x

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