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24 September 2015

A birthday morning with Radley...

Good morning lovely people! So today marks my 2nd full day as a 29 year old (what the actual F) and I am still in shock that I am nearing the end of my twenties (again, what the actual F).  

When I was 16 I assumed that by the time I was old at say, 29 - an age that is old to a 16-year-old - I would be shacked up with 2 kids and a lager lout hubby, but no, that route was not meant to be. Instead, I am living the dream in London with awesome housemates, a fabulous job for an even more fabulous company (Yes Endource!), enjoying gin cocktails with my truly amazing friends, events with brands that I love and just generally taking in all the city has to offer. 

So even though I haven't stumbled across the love of my life just yet - although if he could hurry along sooner rather than later that would be much appreciated (love gods - I hope you heard that semi-desperate plea) or bought a house OR had a baby - all things that you want to do by the time you're 30, let's be honest, I must take a minute to take that pressure jacket off and remember all the fab things I have done, do and enjoy!

So with that PMA in mind I started my birthday in style and very luckily enjoyed a morning with Radley celebrating the rather lovely Keats Grove Collection. Myself and a collection of gorgeous bloggers started the morning at Keats House, which for those of you that don't know is the home of John Keats the English romantic poet.  The house sits on Keats Grove in the very beautiful Hampstead Heath which is the inspiration behind the collection.  

We began the morning by snapping away in true blogger style before being treated to a tour of the house, a lovely flashback in time where we all found ourselves getting lost in the tragic yet amazing story of John Keats. With the tour done, it was onto a calligraphy lesson with the incredible Megan, whose handwriting skills were second to none.  When our time at Keats House had come to an end the morning was finished off in the stylish Aubaine where I enjoyed the most divinely tasting eggs, bacon and avocado toast! 

So basically I just want to say a very BIG thank you to the amazing Radley who made my birthday morning a very enjoyable morning indeed.

Bag* - Radley / Jacket - Vinatage  / Jeans - ASOS / Boots - Boohoo / Tee - H&M



  1. Your a total babe and deserve the world - I am sure your Prince Charming will arrive soon! Happy Birthday for the other day hun xxxx


  2. Happppppy BDay Lovely!!!
    Next birthday when anyone asks say you're "29 plus 1" (sounds so much nicer)

    PS This event looks ace- gorge pics :)

  3. I feel you on all the expectations we had for 'by the time we are 30'...but life is good without all that!
    Happy Birthday hun

    Shanika ~ shanika-says.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Abbie I love this post so much! You are SO damn right about where you are in life, you're happy that's all that matters, never mind what is generally felt you 'should' have done by 29! You are a beautiful person inside and out! xxxx

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Love your outlook, life never turns out the way we expect but it sounds like yours turned out a whole lot better. Don't worry about the stereotypical expectations and i'm sure it'll keep going amazingly :)


  6. Honestly you don't look a day past 20!!! Hope you had the bestest birthday ever, and I loooooove that bag.

    I know what you mean with the 'life plan' my whole moving to London plan and landing that fashion career hasn't quite went as planned either. As soon as we stop creating these expectations we can focus on what is good!

    Chloe xx


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