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28 September 2015

The not so glamorous side to Fashion Week

Let's be honest, Fashion Week sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is because in reality it's not; instead, think sore feet, queuing, torrential rain and above all, major outfit pressure. As a blogger, I of course document and share the good stuff, but as someone who doesn't take herself to seriously and is always up for LOL's I thought why not share the bad, the ugly and the damn right funny side of fashion week. So, welcome to My Fashion Week - The Outtakes Post...

Coffee breaks between shows resulted in a major latte spillage #Glam

Day 1 was a complete wash out. Only Megs and Lizzy could look so wonderful hiding from the rain!

Remember me mentioning sore feet? Well Lizzy fell victim to the blister, thankfully she had a more comfortable choice of footwear on hand. #Glam

Street style was on point on the streets of soho this season.

 No we don't eat in posh hotels and restaurants, we go all out in Yo Sushi, after all it was Blue September! #FWIS

Another wonderful food establishment played host to our drunken food cravings. This was the night when I was only meant to stay for 1 *ahem.

After the earlier coffee spillage I mentioned dried out, we were sadly left with an attractive stain #Glam

Megs on her 10th Ribena of the day, refueling outside Boots. #Glam

Fashion Week isn't Fashion Week if you don't pick a spot and then have to stop to wait 10 minutes for it to stop bleeding. Linds still manages to look gorgeous whilst doing this though!

When you're taking outfit posts and then a bin lorry typically turns into the side road you decided to shoot down. Good job CarmenAmberLolliMegs and Laura knew what to do. #StrikeAPose

Loved the back drop to Fashion Week this season.

When your pal needs an eye drop hit on route to a show. Carms I'm always here for you suga. #Glam

Another food stop, naturally Pret A Manger had to feature in our Fashion Week. #HungryBloggers

Nothing rounds of Fashion Week like a Sainbury's own microwavable lasgne, garlic bread and Kinder bueno. #Glam

Well I hope you like my funny take on Fashion Week, because if you can't laugh at yourself and be a total idiot with your friends then you're just missing out in my eyes. 

Fashion Week was a blast and I was very lucky to see some amazing shows which you can check out over on my Instagram, but snapping at the usually unseen moments of one of the most glamorous week's of the year added a major fun factor to my week.

P.S I hope my lovely friends who were featured in this post will still continue to be my lovely friends!



  1. Love this different take on fashion week :)


  2. OMG Abbie this is so brilliant & HILARIOUS!!!! Ahaha!! Until next season xx

  3. Absolutely bloody brilliant mate!! Love you lot of messes so so much! xxx

  4. Hilarious. Nice to see some "realness" amongst the pretentiousness of it all. :)

  5. Abbie this is just too fabulous! I can't believe I've only just seen it! BLOODY LOVE IT! x

  6. lol! this was too funny and yet still strangely glam cos you all still looked beautiful lol! great post - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  7. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE FASHION WEEK POST EVER! Gutted I couldn't make it this season to slum it with you guys

  8. Best Fashion Week post ever!

    Chariza M. | LE-VISUALISTE.COM

  9. #bintruck - hahaha so glam. We do fashion week our way, screw everyone else! hhaha

  10. Haha I love this post! Nice to see the more real side to the blogging world, espesh featuring some of my fave bloggers! xx


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