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2 October 2015

Chilled Friday Nights

Sometimes, every now and then you just need a chilled night in, snuggled under the duvet with a lorry load of chocolate, a good book and netflix.  It's no secret I love a good night out but when it comes down to it, I'm a geek at heart and these day's staying in is just as high on my agenda as going out.  

If I am not going out then the minute I step through my front door it's literally bra off, hair up and PJ's on.  People that chill in jeans BLOW MY MIND. I need to be comfy and warm, so come this time of year it's fluffy sock and slipper combo at the ready (sooo fash-un darling). 

One blustery September afternoon I was contacted by Tommy Tou, and as if my slipper magic was very kindly sent a pair of cosy, sheepskin slipper mules. They knew the time had come for me to upgrade from the flip flop to the slipper. Yes, I wear flip flops around the house in the summer.

So this is how my Friday night set-up is looking so far, I have some friends from back home visiting which I am absolutely buzzing about - however, hopefully they'll bring their own slippers.

sheepskin slippers
sheepskin slippers
sheepskin slippers
sheepskin slippers

Slippers c/o - Tommy Tou / Nightwear - Matalan / Book - Refinery 29 / Mug - Matalan



  1. Love this book and post Abbie - it is how I will be spending my Sunday in when James is at American Football! xx


  2. This looks amazing, I love a chill night in! x


  3. I'm the same - how can anyone get comfy for a night in if they're not in loungewear?!? Those slippers look mega comfy.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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