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4 November 2015

My ASOS Must-buys

Shopping is without a doubt my number one hobby (alongside drinking prosecz with my ladies obvs) and personally, I think I am pretty damn good at it. However, Barclays doesn't always allow me to have as much fun as I want to, so to curb the craving I thought I would put together a little virtual wishlist - God love the ASOS save button - and then share it with you sexy lot.  No theme, just my want's and lust-haves. 

I am staying in this weekend and have decided to put my hard earned dollar towards a couple of the items below rather than prosecz - as you can imagine, it was a tough decision to choose between hobbies. 

High Neck Dress - ASOS / Camo Coat - ASOS

Oversized Denim Shirt - ASOS / Tunic Dress - ASOS

Tailored Trousers - ASOS / Rollneck Dress - ASOS

Faux Fur Collar Coat - ASOS / Swing Coat - ASOS

Velvet Kimono Dress - ASOS / Drop Hem Dress - ASOS

Wrap Dress - ASOS / Mini Dress - ASOS



  1. gorgeous picks, love the coats

  2. I've just saved the Monki dress - thank to you! I'm a sucker for ASOS!



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