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12 November 2015

Things That I Do And Say About Instagram

london street style

I'm due a selfie

I can't post food as my last picture was brunch

I just want 10k, I'll be OK once I get to 10k

Oooh I'm Gona whack in a quote for good measure

Have I posted too many FWIS?

My pic's been up 2 1/2 minutes and only received 4 likes, I think I'm going to have to remove it.

A picture of a grapefruit I had for breakfast got more likes than my face or ootd (blates Gona be single for EVs if that's the case)

Hang on, I'm just trying to create a thigh gap. (Yep, definitely said when a dear friend took my insta outfit shot)

Fuck me, what a great start to the day - I gained 8 new insta followers over night. #Loser

Ooooh I'm Gona mix it up and go black 'n' white on this one.

The most said phase obvs being... Oh FFS why is my life not like her's.

Shameless plug: now you've had the behind the scenes why not give me a little follow

fashion tatt instagram

I love Instagram, it's my most checked app and the place I always go for inspiration, but I do also like to have a little laugh along the way - as you can probably tell I'm not one to take myself too seriously. 

What are your Instagram 'funny bits' or 'funny thoughts'?



  1. haha, so true, I am reading everyone of those statements and thinking - yep - that's me too! xx


  2. I love instagram too! This such a great fun post! will follow you on IG xx


  3. Bare lolz :))

    That's my freakin' check list right there!! (Having said that, gaining 8 overnight would be a massive result for me <<<Emoji Gun)



  4. haha Love this post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. HAHA this is hilarious, when your food gets more likes than your face. I feel ya girl, I feel ya xx


  6. Haha love this post. Your blog is great :)



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