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21 January 2016

Three Spring Trends, One Outfit...

Hello, Hello - I'm back. I seemed to have fallen into an unplanned hiatus and if I am honest, it was because I completely lost my 'blogging' mojo.  It just upped and left, maybe it's me or maybe it was just because January is such a fucking depressing month. Who knows. 

But, I am back and with me, I promise to bring a new bout of enthusiasm, new outfit ideas and hopefully more lifestyle shizz. Things are going to get cray-cray as Fashion Month is looming meaning work is going to be MAD but I will be making more time for blogging - coz I bloody love it really, innit. 

So onto the outfit...

I have easily slipped into a new season and am fully embracing the spring trends for 2016; the 90s, slip dresses, bomber jackets, cut-out-shoulders, metallics, silver, tracksuits... I could go on.  So much so I have already blogged about a few of my favourites HERE.  

The bomber jacket is definitely having a moment but in my wardrobe, it's always been an essential. Styling this khaki number with an old slip dress and accessorising it with a fashion favourite choker it was as if an SS16 style-guide-on-a-budget threw up on me. 

Images: Toya Berry

Bomber Jacket - Vintage / Leggings - Primark / Bots - H&M / Choker - Old / Dress - ASOS




  1. YAY for the bomber jacket - I practically live in mine! Looking gorgeous lovely xx

  2. Lovin' these pics :)
    A 90s slip dress is top of my wish list ATM

  3. Great:) xx

  4. You look so cool !

  5. love how you made this layering work!! :D

    Have a great weekend!
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