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24 April 2016

Greenwich Strolls

I am not sure how I managed to leave the house today let alone shoot my outfit as I was incredibly hungover. Last night I danced the night away at an old friend's wedding, there was a FREE BAR and I went IN. So much wine. Anyway, I made it up and out and ventured to Greenwich wearing an old trusty pair of leggings (needed the elasticated waist for all the hungover food I was about to consume). Do people even still wear leggings? Well, I do because they're comfy AF. And today, I needed major comfort. 

Shirt - Vintage / Leggings - Primark / Trainers - Reebok / Bomber Jacket - H&M / Bag* - Radley




  1. errrr HOW do you look this fresh when your hungover - I (as you know) look like a MESS


  2. LOVE this look you look bloody divine considering your hangover... Jammy cow!
    This backdrop is UNREAL! Bladdy gorgeous missy x

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  4. I really like how you've styled such a simple outfit with the bomber jacket! It's very chic but stands out at the same time xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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