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25 May 2016

My Top SS16 Trends

Working in fashion, blogging about fashion and generally being obsessed with all things stylish has a very, VERY negative effect on one's bank account. That 'one' being me.
Add Instagram to the mix and I might as well declare myself bankrupt. 

Luckily for me, I was apparently ahead of the fashion curve and way before they were even a glimmer in SS16's stylish eye I was purchasing the latest must-haves. Bomber jackets, pleated skirts, and off-the-shoulder tops have flooded the high-street leaving little old me content in the knowledge that at the back of my wardrobe I own all of these and have ended up bang. on. trend. mate. BOOM.

However, a little bit of inspiration is always needed - he-lo Pinterest, (another site that makes me want to sell my kidneys for THAT embroidered Gucci bomber) I always turn to the inspo-heavy site for ideas to re-work my clothes which normally ends scissors in hand and a pile of frayed garms.

Anyway, after looking for some ways to style up my now-on-trend items I thought why not share with you lovely lot my top three spring trends of the moment...


Pleated or not, the midi skirt is a great go-to for this weird, inbetweeny spring weather we've been having of late. They look cool with a casual tee tucked in and a lightweight sweater for layering. 
Styling them out with Converse high-tops is a personal favourite but, TBH, this transitional closet staple works with most footwear!

pleated skirt inspiration from pinterest

Images via Pinterest



Probably SS16's official cover-up which will continue to reign through to AW16, so buying one of these bad boys now is actually an investment. I am a devout bomber jacket fan owning 7 (4 of which I have had for years), I love the edge they add to an outfit creating an instant injection of cool. So take your cue from the fash pack and make sure a trusty bomber ends up in your wardrobe.

bomber jacket inspiration from pinterest

Images via Pinterest



Flashing the flesh has never been hotter and right now, more on trend. That clavicle area has always been thought of as super sexy on a woman so whack out that Benefit high-beam tint, gloss up your skin and make sure you're showing some shoulder this season.

off the shoulder inspiration from pinterest

Images via Pinterest




  1. I'm all over off the shoulder tops at the minute and need to invest in a chic bomber jacket for summer x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

  2. Yessss I love all these trends too! I just bought the most gorge baby pink satin bomber which I'm pretty sure will never leave my body this season haha! x


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