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2 December 2016

A non-tacky approach to the Christmas jumper hype

Feeling festive yet? I'm definitely not. Probably because in 23 days, I'M ONLY OFF TO BLOODY THAILAND! Not that I mention it much or anything...

I'm usually big on gifting, but this year, a) I'm too poor to buy 'em and b) my shopping list is crammed with bikinis and sun-tan lotion instead. (sorry fam, I'll make it up to you next year, yeah?) So in all honesty, that's why I'm not feeling 'Oh so Christmassy' - pretty good reason, I say.

Anyway, it might not be festive in my personal life but it's sure as hell festive at work. Fashwun, darrlinggg, we've been Christmassing for weeks, innit. Part of the life of an editorial team is street styling the shit out of stuff, meaning it wasn't long before a Christmas jumper shoot made it's way into our calendar.

The jumpers came flooding in and we all donned the festive knitwear, each putting our own twist on them. I styled this M&S beauty with a leather skirt, vintage fur and a super-sparkly choker. Natch. Check out our finished blog post here, and obviously below. I couldn't shoot a look and not share on the blog now, could I! 

Jumper - M&S / Skirt - Vintage / Choker - Boohoo / Boots - Zara / Coat - Vintage

If the thought of a festive sweater brings you out in hives, don't panic, the high-street have their fair share of chic novelty knitwear. To save you the trouble I've picked out my favourites and they're all pretty cool, not a tacky Santa in sight...




  1. You look so pretty ! Great style.
    Giveway in my blog, check it.


  2. This is such a great subtle jumper, suits you!
    Have a wonderful time in Thailand, not at all jealous 😒

    Allie | Rush + Teal

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