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12 January 2017

Thailand: One night in Bangkok

Arriving back from Thailand to sub-zero temperatures after the most incredible time away has not been the easiest transition into normal life, let me tell you. Spending the best part of 3 weeks over the festive period city seeing and island-hopping, has well and truly injected me with the travel bug, leaving me to the conclusion, that every Christmas and NY should be spent on a beach.  Naturally, I took my camera, so when I wasn't drunk on those famous buckets or trying to avoid sea sickness on boats, I was seriously snap happy.  

My route looked a little like this: Bangkok > Koh Samui > Koh Tao > Railay Beach > Phi Phi > Kuala Lumpur > London

So with a new year and some new found enthusiasm and motivation, I thought I would kick start my first blog post of 2017 with what I did in 48 hours in Bangkok. It was an amazingly hectic, and vibrant city with interesting chaos every corner we turned. I loved it. I loved the beauty of the temples, the Buddhist culture, the crazy tuk-tuks, the nightlife and the overall fast-paced nature of the city. It was madness, and personally, I could have stayed a few more days. 

Accommodation - Eastin Grand Hotel

We kick-started the holiday in style by ballin' away in the beautiful Eastin Grand Hotel, my friend Michelle planned the whole trip (without a single hiccup - god love an organised friend) by using Agoda.com and bagged us this incredible hotel for a fraction of the cost. It was so close to everything; transport, malls and only about 20 minutes from the famous Khao San Road.

Things to do - Tuk Tuk Tour

Our first day saw us hopping on a train (an air conditioned train, no less!) and heading down to Khao San road. Our friends know us well so we had SO many 'stay safe' and 'don't get ripped off' warnings, which left us being a bit too suspicious of EVERYONE. Turns out we didn't need to be, and when one of the tuk-tuk drivers offered us a tour for 40 Thai Baht each (that's less than £1 ladies and gentleman) we put caution to the wind and trusted him. It was a great decision as we got to see the city from a locals point of view, in a tuk-tuk. It was fan-bloody-tastic. We discovered temples, golden Buddhas and eye-wateringly high view points. I would definitely recommend seeing the city this way.

Must see - khao San Road

By day this road is awash with market traders and street food stalls; need an authentic looking sarong to hit the temples modestly? Then this is is where you can get a steal, I came away looking ever so 'Thailandy'. By night, well, what can I say... this is where we had our first bucket experience and basically, they NEED to bring them to the UK. The night was a blur, we got in around 5am and had a flight to catch the next morning, which, travelling back in the clothes and makeup I had on from the night before and enduring the worst hangover known to man was up there with one of the worst days I have ever had. 

But don't let me put you off, I have no switch off button when it comes to a night out  (beer towers and my friend eating a scorpion flashbacks still to this day) this is an absolute must-see; for the shopping, food and booze - go!!

Must see - China Town

Our aforementioned tuk-tuk tour finished in the bustling China Town; it was a dusty, jam-packed area of Bangkok with so much happening my eyes couldn't take the level of pandemonium! I am a tad fussy when it comes to meat so stayed away from the street food stalls here, but, if you're a foodie and down for trying anything then get involved! I settled with a bag of Lays crisps (I fucking love a bag of Lays when I go abroad) from the local supermarket. The crazy cat that I am.

There you have it a little summary of my short but incredibly sweet time in Bangkok. Next up in the Thailand Chronicles will be the islands. Have you been to Thailand? If so, what did you think? Where were your favourite hotspots?


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