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23 June 2017

5 things that get me through my week

Commuting, working and living in London is crazy. It's always super-busy, there's always something happening and there is little time to chill. However, some weeks the thought of doing anything after work is a big, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY MATE. All I want to do is come home, shower, scroll through Instagram and watch Love Island. What bliss!

It's the simple things that make those weeks bearable, or it's the simple things I am grateful for because chilling on my sofa with my girls is free (you know what they say, the best things are!). So this post is all about those things, my go-to weekly must-haves or must-dos to get me through 5 chaotic days of London life...

Bet you didn't think I'd start with that one did you! Well, keeping up the health factor is important, sometimes days fly by, and although I've eaten well, I find my actual intake of all the nutrients I need isn't quite up to scratch. I'm a big fan of Natures Plus and thanks to them, I make sure I am popping my daily allowance of Vit D, C and B. 

nature's plus

Crashing out on our sofa is the laziest and best thing ever, it's huge, full of cushions and the comfiest viewing station for Love Island. If I am not on the sofa with the girls then my girl cave - AKA bedroom - is my next retreat. I'll stick on my UHD TV Panasonic, kick back (again surrounded by cushions, I'm a biiiig cushion fan) and chuck on Love Island!

My Tuesday commute is always spent giggling on the Vicky line reading Time Out. Its writers never fail to have me in stitches and I'll always find myself hysterically reading through their 'Word on the street' feature. By Wednesday, it's Stylist's turn to pick me up, and that it certainly does. I am obsessed with 'The Style List' and every week their editor's choices have me lusting away.

So here's to you, Time Out, thank you for livening up my Tuesday commute each and every week. And Stylist, thank you for your fab editorials, making me want to spend my entire paycheck on clothes and beauty, and the witty and outspoken views in Lucy Managan's column.

stylish magazine

Yeah, yeah a bath is as basic as it comes but in regards to relaxing after a cray-cray day, it's the only way. Especially when it's accompanied with a glass of red and twirl (the chocolate kind, not a weird naked kind!?). I'll usually slather myself in body lotion, pour Rio Rosa Mosqueta Antioxidant Facial Oil all over my face and emerge from the bathroom all slippery and re-energised. And it feels bloody fantastic.

rio rosa mosqueta

The sun is shining meaning the tubes are friggin' boiling. Make-up is a no-go, it will only melt by the time I've fought my way off the overground and battled onto the Victoria line. The answer to this sweaty dilemma? Walk some of the journey! I'll chuck on a podcast or a get-me-going Spotify playlist and power walk my way to the office, all whilst admiring the shit-hot city that I live in. I might need a 5 step chill routine every week but boy is it worth it when you can say that London town is your back garden. 

Do you have any weekly rituals you swear by? If so, share away!

Have a great week and thank you so much for reading.


** This post was in collaboration with Panasonic, however, my top 5 London chill tips are ALL things I actually do and swear by!!**

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