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27 July 2017

Birthday treats at Leicester square kitchen

It's all 30th birthdays, weddings and baby showers in my world right now - no complaints mind, any excuse to hang with the girls, gossip and down drink Prosecco gets a guaranteed attendance from me.

I was OK about turning 30, in fact, I've loved being 30. I still have the mental age of an 18-year-old, so maybe that's why? Slowly but surely my friends are joining the 30 club too - again, all the more excuse to celebrate. So, this week saw me and one of my oldest pals head to Leicester Square Kitchen for cocktails, catch-ups and some seriously tasty food.

We sat outside as it was a lovely balmy evening (sweaty and muggy in reality) and perused the interesting contemporary Mexican and Peruvian menu. Obvs, we started with a bellini, which were DIVINE (I said I was only having one, I had 4...) and then - thanks to the lovely Rahel's recommendations - choose 5 dishes from the mouth-watering menu.

They twisted our arm and advised nibbling on some nachos and guacamole whilst we waited for our mains. Absolutely worth it, that guac was something else. Also, did I mention the bellinis were DIVINE! 

We devoured tender scallops, a heavenly duck salad, melt-in-your-mouth trout, soft tacos and seriously flavourful smoked paprika ribs. Dear god, I am salivating just writing this - the food was honestly so lovely. Perfectly proportioned too - I love sharing smaller plates, it just feels a little more relaxed and intimate.

I know you're all thinking it... is Abbie's friend a hand model? Well, yes, yes she was (once), just look how precise her hand is whilst scooping up that salad. Absolutely no direction from me either. A great eating (and drinking) companion if I must say.

OK, so this calamari really needs its own blog post because IT IS INCREDIBLE. The lime dip is something else. I basically ate them all. If you ever go here (which you should) then you MUST order these. 


This post was written in collaboration with Leicester Square Kitchen. The enthusiasm for the amazing food and service is 100% genuine, as are the overzealous feelings for their bellinis and calamari.


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