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18 July 2017

Summer style: the throw-on dress

When it comes to strolling in the London heat, floaty layers are a must. So realising I had this light-weight, strappy maxi was a sartorial revelation. 

Dresses are my current go-to, I don't know about you, but I need throw-on vibes all day, every day. Whether it's midi or maxi length, button-up detail or t-shirt style, floral or leopard print - I don't mind, as long as I can chuck it on and minimise the getting ready stress, then I'm happy. 

My love for vintage has set me up with a pretty strong collection of cool, retro dresses (like the bad boy below, it was like a £1 or something - no jokes) but I'm always on the hunt for more - the excessive life of a fashion obsessed shopaholic...

Dress - Vintage / Shoes - *Next / Shirt - Charity Shop

Here are some high-street beauties I've been coveting lately...



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  1. GORGEOUS shots babe! I am all about the throw on dress for work <3 xx


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