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17 August 2017

Hotel review: KIP, Hackney - PLUS the ultimate girl's night in

How fucking great is it when one of your closest friends is someone you met through blogging. Who knew, that at a boozy (ahem) Boohoo event some 4 years back I would meet the person who was a big part in shaping my London experience. Enter, the beauty that is Carmen. We quickly graduated from blogger pals to full blown RL pals and our friendship has just grown and grown and grown. So much so, she's now a massive part of my social circle and we've basically got our own little London fam where we actually do non-blogger stuff with other non-bloggers LOL LOL LOL. With a shared love of red wine, espresso martinis, Macdonalds and Instagram, this was a friendship built to last. And last my friends, it will. 

The sad news is that Carms is leaving London. She's off to Birms to start a new life with her absolute sort of a fella in a proper gorgeous gaff and I could not be more buzzing for her. The good news is we get to explore a new city, hunt down the best brick walls for Insta shots and continue our endless search for the top espresso martinis. Jesus, that part REALLY is good news. So, to see my fave lady off we headed for a good old girlie pamper sesh at East London based hotel, KIP. This ultra-cool, contemporary hotel offered the perfect surroundings for the ultimate girl's night in. We shot outfit looks, found new walls for Insta (god we're sad), devoured tasty treats from Patty & Bun via Deliveroo, drank red wine and gossiped until late. 

The hotel

The Kip concept is pretty damn cool. It's affordable, it's super slick, it's right next to Hackney central station and it's the perfect overnight stay option for a pampering sesh followed by a girl's night out. Hackney has SO many bars to offer (trust me, I have been to most of them) so this hotel is in a great spot. 

If you and the girls are looking for a place to rest your heads after exploring the East London delights then get yourself booked into Kip. 
Check out the insane prices for yourselves HERE.

Wrap Dress C/O - Shein / Silk Dress C/O - Next / Camo Coat - Vintage / Denim Shirt - Vintage

Phone case C/O - Ideal of Sweden

The food

Carms and I love nothing more than chatting over a bottle of red. We basically invented this night called #MalbecMondays where we down drink, have a catch-up and try to banish those Monday blues. So natch, Malbec made an appearance. For one week only it became #MalbecTuesdays (as our stay was on a Tuesday). Actually, who am I kidding, we've had #MalbecSaturdays, #MalbecWednesdays, #MalbecSundays - BASICALLY WE FUCKING LOVE MALBEC, K! Alongside our fave tipple, we munched RIGHT out on Patty and Bun - another great thing about the location of Kip is that the Deliveroo choices are off the chart. 

The pamper sesh

Once we had been bad to our bodies on the calorie intake (YOLO) we thought we should weigh it up and treat ourselves to a good ole bit of pampering. We walked out a few pounds heavier but my god did our skin GLOW!

Exuviance Oxygen Facial

Proactiv+ Skin Set

If you suffer from bad skin then Proactiv+ is a must-try. Their 3-step system is detailed and pretty unique. I cannot recommend the Green Tea Moisturiser enough, and I use the Eye Brightening Serum every day.

Skin Doctors Instant Face Lift / Exuviance Oxygen Facial

Optiat Exfoliating Face Mask

This post was in collaboration with Kip Hotel so thank you for helping me make Carms last week in London that little bit extra special. 

p.s this post was not sponsored by Malbec - that is just pure geniuine love.


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