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10 August 2017

Beauty: up your lash game with Lash Perfect

Last week I got invited for a lash lift by the lovely team at Lash Perfect. I had absolutely no idea that it was even possible to get lashes permed, so it was quite the treat, especially for someone who doesn't even indulge in a shellac (I have my housemate Gabi for those pampering needs - cheers gabs BBZ)

Upon my arrival, I could tell I was in for a treat. The salon - located in Soho - was full of super-friendly beauticians and people leaving with smiley faces - which is always a good sign. The treatment began and I must admit, I had no idea I was about to have my eyes forced to shut for the best part of 45 mins, I'm not one to sit back and chill so this was all very new for me. But, a few minutes in and with Emma's (my lovely lash expert) soothing chat I was nearly asleep.

I'm fairly lucky as my lashes are already quite long, but curly, they are not. Once the pain-free treatment was complete, I looked in the mirror and was gobsmacked. My lashes had never looked better, best of all, this was going to last 6 weeks! My only tip would be is to get a lash tint afterwards to really make them pop. 

I can feel another addiction coming on... (first one's prosecco, obvs)

Check out my Instagram selfie situ so you can see the finished effect!

Treatment time - 45 minutes // treatment price - £25 - £55
To book your treatment: Lash Perfect


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