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24 August 2017

I go on the hunt for the best espresso martini

Nothing to see here. Just me, drinking an espresso martini with the gals. As per. 

This divine-tasting cocktail is my absolute favoutite tipple - next up is red wine and gin, but that's a whole other post - so I thought, why not track down the best pubs and bars in East London on the hunt for THE most delicious espresso martini out there. What a task to set myself, eh...

First up is the super-cool, super-hackney, Martello Hall. It's a fairly new boozing and eating joint, just behind the popular London Fields and, a few moments stumble walk from my house. I have been known to frequent this particular bar a few times; attending various boozy brunches, dropping my phone down the loo, chatting shit to people in the smoking area... you know how it goes. So naturally, it was top of the abbie-goes-on-the-hunt-for-the-best-espresso-martini-in-East-London list.

We were treated to their signature espresso martini which certainly had a twist (and a kick). Instead of vodka, they used Brugal Rum (YUM), mixed with chilli, frangelico and then infused with the usual espresso and Kahlua ingredients. IT. WAS. DIVINE. Thankfully we indulged in their ridiculously good food too, we certainly needed the carbs to soak up the alcohol, that's for sure.

So if you're like me, espresso martini obsessed, then next time you find yourself on Mare Street, in Hackney, get your arse to Martello Hall. The drinks menu is impressive, the food is delicious and the staff are wonderful. Oh, and it also shuts at 3am at the weekends and is a few doors up from The Dolphin. Those of you who have heard/been to/puked up in The Dolphin, it's a kind of when-you-know-you-know situation.

BRB, I'm off to road-test another popular London bar this weekend. So keep your eyes peeled for the next espresso martini review.

Thanks so much to the lovely Martello Hall for having me, and getting involved in my espresso martini hunt. You made the cut. All views and passion regarding the booze and food are my own. Big shout  out to Angus who looked after us - you did an expert job in getting us drunk!


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