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10 October 2017

30th birthday treats at Monmouth Kitchen

Well that's that, the last of the 30th celebrations done, and done. This year has been spent mourning our twenties and embracing our thirties - when I say embracing, I mean in the prosecco/party sense of the word, obvs - and you know what, it's been fabulous.  

The last of them was my friend Gabi and boy oh boy was she not OK with entering another decade. So to try and lighten the mood we raved ourselves sensless at BMP Festival in Portugal, held a rather large party last weekend and enjoyed a very delicious dinner at top London restaurant, Monmouth Kitchen.

Now even though the festival and the 30th birthday party were insanely fun, it was not quite bloggable content (soz to those of you that may have seen some inappropraite moments captured on Insta stories) however, our dinner was...

Monmouth Kitchen is situated in the heart of Seven Dials and is all about fine but unassuming dining. With a menu that is split between Peruvian and Italian small plates, it's the perfect option to mix 'n' match, share around or order more of what you like.  Whether you're on a date or a mate date, it's a great way to introduce yourself to some truly gorgeous Mediterrean and South American food. Naturally I had an espresso martini, which as you may all know by now are my thanggg, I can confirm, they're really good.  

The lobster cerviche and beef carpaccio was our favourite, alongwith a moorish dollop of burrata. My mouth is watering just writing this! The service was excellent and the restaurant's vibe was up-market yet chilled. A restaurant that oozes sophistication but comes with none of the pretentiousness is a win-win in my books. 

So if you've got a celebration coming then book yourself in here pronto, you won't regret it.

Thank you so much to Monmouth Kitchen for easing Gabi into her next decade. Your culinary delights were THAT GOOD she forgot about leaving her twenties behind (well, for a short while at least). We'll certainly be back!


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