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19 November 2017

A weekend well spent brings a week of content

I am looking for several pats on the back here because - and wait for it - this weekend marks the 6th weekend on the trot that I have stayed in. Yes, you heard right, 6 weekends without going 'out', let alone 'out, out'.  I am on a big saving mission and so far, so good. It's boring as hell, this no going-out malarky but, it will be worth it. I spy good things on the horizon.

So, Sundays of late have been spent hangover-free with my head in my favourite supplements, drinking coffee and walking around my local East London haunts. Add in a couple of naps, gossip-fuelled sofa chills with my housemates and plenty of chocolate and you've got the recipe for a perfect lazy Sunday, right there.

glasses direct

Get a load of my new specs too, sadly my eyes are deteriorating and a new set of glasses were needed. MEH. Age is a wonderful thing, eh. More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses in the UK and I never thought I would become to rely on mine so much.  

If you're on spectacle hunt but the budge is tight then get your arse over to Glasses Direct. They offer a great choice of frames, some seriously slashed prices and a super slick way to purchase. After using their home trial service I whizzed my prescription over to them and they very kindly sent me the Festival glasses by Scout. This new pink and tortoise addition to my daily attire has banished the headaches, been a lifesaver when eying up the overground times and not to mention, a thankful upgrade to my old specs, which quite frankly, were awful. Big thanks to Glasses Direct for keeping my sight AND style in check!

glasses direct

glasses direct


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