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15 December 2017

Decluttering my life with Mercari

So, as you all know, I am upping sticks and leaving London in search of warmer climes and new adventures. My new life begins in Sydney on Christmas Day and I could not be MORE excited about the next chapter. Booking a one-way ticket is so liberating, however, the aftermath of such a big decision is not. My life is one big admin task at the moment; from hardcore saving, job hunting and many leavings dos with loved ones, it's been a crazy couple of months, to say the least. 

Next up on the mammoth to-do list is clearing out my room - as a bonafide hoarder, I have clothes piled as high as the eye can see, which makes fitting all my favourite pieces into two suitcases a very daunting prospect indeed. I have, however, had to put a positive spin on this and embrace it head on so: it's time to declutter!


Enter, Mercari, an intelligent and simple marketplace app where you can list and sell items from fashion to beauty, in less than a minute. It was originally launched in Japan in 2013 so is fairly new to the UK, but with over 70 million downloads worldwide, it's certainly been a hit. It's been the perfect way to help clear out my wardrobe and make some extra dollar at the same time - all with minimal effort, may I add. 

First up, download the app. When you have created your personal profile and you're ready to sell, take a picture of the item, give a great description and press upload. It really is as easy as that. Some of the pieces of clothing I have previously shot for Instagram, so I used a photo of me wearing it alongside a single product shot to jazz up my listing. I kept the pieces I was selling to brands or good quality vintage and within minutes of creating my profile, I had already sold a pair of boots! 

If you're like me, in the market to declutter, then I can't recommend Mercari enough. A couple of side notes to remember: you must include the delivery charge in the final cost, and, there are no hidden fees once you have sold. Just be warned, there is a massive temptation to buy too. With so many other users selling some bits it's hard to resist a little shop!


Download the app and start selling HERE.



This post was sponsored by Mercari, who I can't thank enough for helping me declutter my overflowing wardrobe.


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