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12 August 2018

The Sydney Diaries: Cockatoo Island

With summer just around the corner we have started to up our day trip plans and get back out exploring. The gorgeous sunshine and endless blue skies are the main reason people flock to Australia and it gives you the opportunity to make the most of your weekends. Day trippin’ is my thaaaang. So, with a fresh head and a full packed lunch Matt and I headed off to Cockatoo Island a couple of Sundays ago and it turned out to be a super fun day out. Cockatoo Island is Sydney’s largest island and an easy 20-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay, also, travel on public transport is cheaper on a Sunday offering up the perfect excuse to step outside your front door and explore.

We packed my favourite cheese & pickle rolls and enjoyed our lunch overlooking the iconic Sydney harbour after a touristy morning. Finding out how the island came to be was so interesting and gave a bit of context to the place we were exploring. It was completely undisturbed until it was used to house convicts and from then, became a naval base with huge shipbuilding facilities. The whole island had a very industrial feel, which made for great #OOTD backdrops; I had the BF dropping to the floor all over the gaff (which you can see here) getting the perfect shot for the ‘gram. Cheers BBZ. 

I love shooting awesome pics from my Australian adventure and can't wait to look back on 'My Sydney Diaries' in years to come with fond memories.

Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour Day trip

Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour Day trip

Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour Day trip


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