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26 August 2018

My 5 top tips on how to wear double denim

Double denim is a tricky beast but get it right and it's an absolute outfit winner; in my books anyway. If you're intimidated to pull off the tricky trend, don't be! Here are a few tips that I turn to when try to rock a double denim outfit...

The look works when the wash is different - don't go too matchy matchy.

Add an element of distress, a pair of frayed hem jeans injects a certain kind of coolness to the look, a little rip here or there just works.

Keep the denim element to your clothes only, unless you want to be 'extra extra' then why not whack on a denim scrunchie and finish off with a denim jacket - quadruple denim! 

Double denim looks great dressed up. Elevate your ensemble and style it out with some statement earrings or a cool tuxedo jacket. All you need now is the prosecco!

I love a fitted jean with an oversized shirt; super flattering and great for any size. Easy peasy.



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