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27 September 2018

10 things I know now I am 32

10 things I know now I am 32

32, THIRTY TWO! How and when did that happen...?

I have actually loved being in my early 30s and looking back I think I had more of a breakdown when I turned 25. I found a sense of calm after my 30th birthday; a sort of acceptance about who I was, what I looked like and how I presented myself. I can’t explain it really. Sure, I still have those ‘I am doing crap at life moments’ and constantly compare myself to others on Instagram. The usual stuff; not skinny enough, my nose is too big or I am not rich enough, but overall, I’m happy with my lot. 

Comparing yourself to others is very easy to do and incredibly unhealthy - I try and remind myself daily not to do it. My nose (I hate it!) but I am not brave enough for a nose job so I just know what angles to work with in pics. My body, of course I ‘d love to be more toned, but I also love pizza too, so everything in moderation works for me – a few healthy days followed by a piggie day and the gym 1-3 times a week. I would actually love to exercise more but I am very good at coming up with incredible excuses as to why I can’t! When it comes to money I always question my capabilities and work decisions. Am I doing enough? Am I clever enough? Why am I not as successful as her? Why do I loose Insta followers rather than gain them? Maybe I am too busy comparing myself and not busy enough motivating myself? 

But what I do know is worrying about what everyone else is doing takes you away from what you’re doing. Everyone has a different path and that’s awesome. I am 32, I’ve not bought a house or had a baby yet and I guess you could say, following my move to Australia, I have had a career break too. I’m about to go off travelling with my BF, which is incredibly exciting, and once we land in the UK I'll focus on picking up my career again and fingers crossed those other natural life paths will fall into place too - and I'm OK with that. I love that everyone’s path is a different one. I remember when I was at school, I said I wanted to have brown curly hair and 4 kids by the time I was 24 years old. LOL. Couldn’t have gone any differently!

I don’t really write much on the personal front but when I do, these are the posts are always the most well received. So, off the back of those stats, I thought I’d write up a little summary of what I have learnt now I am 32. Don’t get too excited, no life changing paragraphs here, being an adult is still as tough as ever. I can barely use google maps, make a decent dinner or do a food shop without forgetting something, so it won’t be any pearls of wisdom that will change your life, just things I never couldn’t have predicted I’d feel or know when I when I was back in my 20s.

10 things I know now I am 32

All I want is dewy, glowing skin
I don’t wear foundation or powder anymore because my crow’s feet are well and truly kicking in. Foundation seeps into my wrinkles and actually makes me look older. I never thought I’d see the day that I wouldn’t wear foundation and pray for dewy, glossy skin instead. Also, side-note: embrace those freckles! I started to when I hit 30.

There’s nothing wrong with doing nothing 
In my twenties and into my thirties I was always out. Dinner, an event, working late or just a pub catch-up. I always had something in the diary. Now at 32 coming in from work and doing absolutely nothing other than crash out and Netflix binge are my favourite moments. I look back and think it’s OK to not be busy, to want to stay in, to do nothing. Whether that’s with your other half, your mates or just you.

You’ll be able to accept the pie
If you’re single in your 30s I swear you just get more resilient to the mass amount of wankers out there. You just become more aware that not every guy is going to like you and you’re not going to like every guy. But, when you do meet the one, you really will know it. It’s ALL about timing mate. Until then, you can have a lot of fun dating, which I think is great for character building, as well as providing juicy stories for the pub ;-)

You can’t please everyone
I still really struggle with this one but it’s true, you really can’t, and that’s OK. You do you. Of course whilst you’re doing you, don’t go hurting people in the process but just remember you can’t please everyone all of the time.

Hangovers do get worse 
Oh my lord, I thought this was a myth! Years back I’d stroll into work after having the maddest nights with very little sleep and I’d be able to function all day. WTF. Now, I have to schedule in a hangover and by that I mean have absolutely zero plans the day after a night out.

Nights in seem more appealing 
This is probably due to not being able to function on hangovers, my weekends just feel so precious and the last thing I want is to waste a Sunday hungover. It’s also probably because I have the gorgeous Sydney beaches on my doorstep too.

People and situations do change and that’s OK
Ugh, this one is a bit sad. But it’s true! Not everyone moves forward at the same pace and while that’s OK, it’s definitely a sure sign of adult hood taking over. But what I do know, is that it works out for everyone in the end.

Health is ALL and I mean ALL that matters
This is it. The one and only thing that really anyone should take away from this rambling list. Look after yourself and appreciate those around you. Health is wealth and life is very precious.

Drink lots of water and brush your skin
Cellulite, another thing I have finally accepted. I definitely have seen it get better when I drink a shed-load of water and brush my skin twice daily with a body brush.

Always say yes to an adventure
I remember craving to move to London after university but I just never had the balls. I was stuck in a – looking back – very mundane relationship and any hopes and dreams I had always seemed out of reach. That was, until I turned 25 and I knew I wanted something more than the village I was from. I saved hard, paid off my credit card and moved to London at the age of 27. It took me a few years to do it but I did it and I have never ever looked back. Then, 4 years later, decided to uproot my life again and move to Sydney for a year and guess what, I've never looked back. ALWAYS say one big fat YES to adventure.

10 things I know now I am 32



  1. lovely post sweets and I agree with all of it - ten days older than you, and discovering this stuff at the same time xxx

  2. Love the post Abbie xx your words are inspiring even for an old bird! xxx

  3. When you moved to Sydney you created a Matt
    2.0, possibly the happiest Matt alive.
    Great post.
    Nuff said!
    Love you X

  4. You’re beautiful Abbie. Inside and out!

    1. Awww nikki as are you my lovely! Thanks gorge xx


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