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4 September 2018

Where am I right now

kini swimwear

What do you write about when you feel like you don’t have much to say? Maybe a life update? A little ramble about what’s been going on with me? Soz if it’s boring but there’s not much happening ATM, what with saving for our travels and a cold winter in Sydney, it’s all been very slow down under. But, I fancy a chat so here goes, one life update coming right up.

kini swimwear

OK, so ya’ll know that myself and the BF are saving hard in order to fund our 4 month trip - I touched on it in a previous post, HERE. We leave Sydney near the end of December and head to Sri Lanka for Christmas and New Year, then a possible Maldives trip followed by India and East Africa – it’s all very exciting and absolutely worth the quieter nights, saving can become quite addictive! Not only do we need a wedge for our tropical adventures but we also need a cash safety net for when we get back to the UK; we might get back jobless and be sofa surfers for a few months, but, we’ll be tanned - hooray. Weirdly that doesn’t freak me out (the jobless and homeless part, not the tanned part – obvs that won’t freak me out!). I am so excited about the fact that we will be so free for those few months, it’s quite exhilarating giving up your job and stability to go and experience new places, I did it with the Australia move and I’m sure as hell so excited for the next chapter.

I am working in the International Sales team at Seafolly HQ and couldn’t have had a better company to work for to see out my final 6 months in Sydney. Why, you ask? Erm, SAMPLE SALE! I am going to be head-to-toe Seafolly this entire trip #NotSpon. The team have been pretty awesome too – so thank you universe for letting me ride out my Aussie escapade with one of the most iconic Australian brands going.

Hmm what else… apart from brunch dates and coastal walks with the girls it’s all been very chill in my neck of the woods. Sunday just gone saw the first day of spring so countdown is on until lighter evenings and full blown tan time. I tried some of my old swimwear on ready to get my summer groove on and feel motivated for the beach countdown, and whilst I had my booty in my fave leopard print one-piece, I thought I’d capture the moment. This Kini swim suit has been a staple in my swimwear collection and still very much a favourite for those beach days. It’s a tad showy offy (bum!) but you know, so what, I feel kinda great in it plus, it totally works with denim shorts for any beach to bar situations, which I hope to have plenty of! So even though I am not brimming with content, there’s still some super exciting stuff in the pipeline, and you got to see me in my favourite swim suit! Summer’s coming and I am very excited at the prospect of having 7 months in the sun! Or maybe more, who knows where the plans will take us...

kini swimwear

kini swimwear

Have any of you ever been to Sri Lanka? It’s our first stop on the travel itinerary and I’d love to hear any of your top tips. We are there for a month and very keen to explore. Hit me up on social or comment here with any Sri Lanka recommendations!


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