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14 October 2018

The Sydney Diaries: A wet and windy trip to Byron Bay

 Ticking off the iconic Aussie hotspots before I leave meant I couldn’t not make the trip up to Byron Bay. The iconic coastal town in the south eastern Australian state of New South Wales is known for its laid back lifestyle, the surf, beautiful beaches and tasty restaurants, and it did not disappoint. Sadly, it rained the entire weekend, and this is one destination that requires the sun! We checked out the beach and the famous lighthouse look-out, but couldn’t really enjoy it in its entirety thanks to the grey clouds, non-stop rain and blustering wind. Typical, eh! Good job us girls don’t need too much to be entertained then. The weekend took a less outdoorsy turn and instead, was fuelled with booze, food and the best chats. Perfect. 

We flew into the Gold Coast airport and picked up our hire car before heading down to Burleigh Heads, which is a suburb in Queensland and renowned for its excellent surfing conditions. It was late, we’d all had a busy day at work and it was pissing it down so there was only one thing for it… the pub! It’s a smaller spot for partying but there are still some super fun venues to check out for cocktails, music and a dance. We started the night in Nightjar, an edgy dive bar which is leading the way in Burleigh’s back-alley nightlife scene. Once we had necked as many espresso martinis as we possibly could (Queensland seemed so cheap in comparison to Sydney!) we moved onto the Burleigh Heads Hotel, a huge pub-come-dancefloor type place – right up my street mate. I absolutely love a pub. The end of the night was a bit of a blur but we were a short uber ride from the hotel and it didn’t take long before we were in bed scoffing crisps, M&Ms and putting the world to rights. A proper girls’ night out.

The hangover from hell kicked in as soon as we had to check out (of course it did) so we urgently needed food and fizz. Luckily for us Burleigh Heads is full of cute brunch spots so it wasn’t long before we were hauled up sipping coke and eating toast at The Paddock, a stylish space that served up the most yummy treats. Hangover, be gone! It was still raining (joy!) so we slowly but surely made our way down to Byron Bay nattering the hours journey away. 

The hangovers were coming in waves and we were all still a little ropey when we arrived but still drove up to the famous lighthouse to check out the views. Grey, grey and more grey. Sadly we couldn’t do the popular lighthouse coastal walk as the weather was so bad so we decided to hit up the local burger joint instead. Three red wines, some more of the best chats ever and a big old burger later, we were ready to check in to the next hotel and get showered and ready to see what Byron Bay’s nightlife had to offer. Somehow we managed to make our way through a further 2 bottles of processo (was it even a girls night out if you didn’t down prosecz whilst you’re getting ready?) and then head on to a few well-known bars where we indulged in gin to wash away our remaining hangovers (apologies if you follow me on Instagram and witnessed this process). It was still raining, FYI. The night ended again, surrounded by crisps but with the addition of a hot dog. It was great and we all slept like babies!

Sunday felt like ground-hog day; another early-morning check out and an even worse hangover where more food was needed. We sacked off a posh Instagrammable brunch and went straight to subway because basically, this hangover was 10 times worse than Saturdays. One foot long down we (probably still drunk tbh) slipped into our swimmers and braved the rain to dive into the ocean. It was divine. Rainy and divine. We enjoyed the - albeit grey - beach views for a few more hours with lemonade runs every so often and more mega girl chats. V cute.  

The plane journey home was looming so we pushed through the hangover and made the drive back down the coast to surfer’s paradise where we stopped to load up on garlic bread before hitting the road again to catch our flight. We might have all looked like drowned hungover rats but we had warm fuzzy hearts after the best boozy chats. Girls’ weekends are like therapy and a reminder that good friends are the absolute bee’s knees. 

So here's to rainy days spent with good friends, one of life's most beautiful gifts.



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