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17 October 2018

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Lifestyle blog Abbie Loves

Lifestyle blog Abbie Loves

Saying no to underwire bras

The older I’ve got the less I want to wear the bras I have always been used to wearing. The kind of bra that’s full of padding, has a stiff underwire and just generally feel tight and uncomfortable. Everything these days has to be ALL about comfort for me. Loose flowing dresses… trainers… and TBH bra-free. I made a visit to an underwear outlet near my work and bagged myself a gorgeous laced bra-let from Heidi Klum for a mere $20. Comfort with an edge of sexiness plus it was on sale, Winning!

Two faced bronzer

Way back when I worked at the Estee Lauder HQ, I was there for years so naturally was inundated up with the best make-up. Once I had left and the make-up supplies dwindled, I was back on the drugstore bronzer hype, usually going for a classic Rimmel. It was fine, it did the job but it just didn’t look as plush. Also, it was the worst to take on a night out, one drunken trip or bag drop in the loo and it would obliterate and go up in dust. THE WORST. So when my bronzer ran out the other day, I took a trip to Mecca and invested in a one from Two Faced and OMG, it is divine. It smells like chocolate, has a natural shade of tan, feels super soft to touch and is in a gorgeous looking compact. And guess what, I dropped it the other day without any disasters! I am totally sold and it’s now a must-have for my make-up bag.

Touch Éclat

This is the stuff of miracles I swear. I am not a big make-up junkie, but I do enjoy it and one thing I have always gone back to, and do know works, is this bad boy. It’s incredible! I always sway towards the pink shade to brighten my undereyes instead of using concealer (which sticks to my wrinkles) and it works wonders. 

Glow tonic

A new addition to my beauty regime, well, that’s if you can say I even have one. I am terrible! Johnsons make-up wipes, a splash of cold water and then the Nivia face cream (you know the one… thick, super creamy and in a blue pot. Your nan probably uses it) is what my daily routine consists of and it’s bad, I know it is. The lady in Sephora was horrified. She put me onto the Pixi Glow Tonic and I was unsure, I never tone or cleanse as I'm lazy AF, but, with one wipe of a cotton pad I was converted. I yearn for skin that glows and I swear after a few uses my skin felt softer, brighter and looked more refreshed. My one piece of advice here is to BUY IT and get ready for dewy skin baby.

Gold hoops and vintage rings

If anything portrays my personal style, it’s a gold hoop. I have been wearing them since my obsession with Carrie Bradshaw began, all those years ago. Small or big, I don’t care mate, just as long as it’s gold and circular I am all for it. My go to are always my chunky ones from Rokit – absolute chav chic. I also love my selection of vintage rings, I have so many beautiful ones that have all been passed on to me from relatives (mainly my nan), I stare at their uniqueness everyday and love them dearly.

Tom Ford

Remember when I said I worked at Estee Lauder? Well this perfume is from those good old days. Nothing better than Tom Ford with a staff discount, eh! My usual favourite fragrance is YSL Cinema, but sadly I ran out and not about to re-purchase it considering in 9 weeks I’ll be living out of a backpack. So, I turned to the other perfume I had here, Tom Ford Champaca Absolute. I am actually a big fan. It’s sensual, luxurious and a little bit masculine and makes the perfect scent for nighttime.




  1. I love pretty lingerie and I am all for bras with no underwires. xoxoxo


    1. Goodbye underwire!!! Thanks for reading lovely! xxx


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