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16 May 2019

Back to my old reality with a new sparkle in my soul

So for the last few months I have been travelling, I packed up my belongings and shipped most of it from Sydney (where I was previously living) back to the UK, only keeping the essentials for my adventure. I spent time in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, Bali and India and it’s safe to say, it’s been one hell of an incredible experience.

I have learnt so many things about my 32 year old self which is funny really, because I was already pretty self-assured. I feel so grateful of the things I have seen and experienced as it's installed a new sense of self, a huge appreciation of where I come from and the people I already had in my life, for which most part, I guess I took for granted. Even the simple things such as being able to drink a clean glass of water straight from the tap or enjoy a hot shower - so simple, yet such an incredible gift we luckily never have to think about.

UK street style photography

UK street style photography

UK street style photography

Photography by  Matthew Newton

Being away from home for so long (around 17 months) made me so excited to come back. Yes, the weather isn't always the best (well, except for last summer of course, which I couldn't believe I missed!) but being back to what was my reality is so incredibly comforting. The first week has been spent with my butt plonked firmly onto a comfy sofa watching Games of Thrones, plenty of M&S Food Hall visits and some well-spent time with friends and family. ALL SO SIMPLE, which is the best thing about travelling - it really does highlight those wonderfully simple things. 

I was never tired of the UK, I loved London dearly and cannot wait to work and live in the capital again, but sometimes, a little step back from the norm is needed for the soul. I didn’t even know my soul was crying out for change but clearly it was. Seventeen months of doing something different has enhanced my mind and I’ll head back to my old reality with the biggest grin on my face and a fresh head full of enthusiasm. Oh, and not forgetting a RL tan and a fiance!

So here's to new opportunities, old faces, exciting experiences and a good British pub.

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